Our Areas of Interest - Translating Medical Research Into Clinical Practice

Children's Health

We believe that every young person deserves to have a healthy childhood free from disease, disability, or pain. Our research is aimed at speeding the transfer of new discoveries, treatments, and cures out of the research laboratories and into the hands of pediatricians and other specialists.

Our initiatives range from helping make medications safer and more effective for children, to enabling pediatric oncologists to have the latest targeted, molecular-based treatments to cure childhood cancers, to helping provide new insights and tools to better understand and treat autism, to helping pediatricians free their young patients from otherwise intractable, crippling pain.

Adult Health and Longevity

Many of the diseases associated with aging have their basis in our individually unique genes and molecules, and new treatments and cures using this approach are now being discovered. Cancerous tumors, containing numerous DNA mutations unique to each individual, can now be analyzed and a therapy custom-designed to treat that specific tumor in that specific patient. Genes responsible for many cardiovascular conditions can be analyzed, and preventative therapies can be tailored to the individual.

Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes are other conditions for which remarkable molecular breakthroughs are being made in the laboratory. The technology and much of this biomedical understanding can start to be implemented – but it needs more clinical and translational research before it can be moved from experimental status into widely available clinical use.

Another main area of research is studying the interactions between medications and a person's unique genetics to help make medication therapies safer and more effective while reducing health care cost burden to families and health systems.

Community Health

Personalized genomic medicine has the potential to prevent and cure many of the diseases from which so many suffer. We aim to make this medical technology available to everyone, regardless of social or economic status. We therefore wish to integrate cutting edge technology into community health programs so that everyone can have access to new medical breakthroughs.


We recognize that to make new treatments and cures available to patients, health care professionals must be kept up to date in their understanding of the latest technology and practices. To make personalized genomic medicine available to as many people as possible, we understand that this also requires a 21st century health care work force.

We therefore are creating programs to educate clinical laboratory technologists and other health care professionals in personalized genomic medicine in association with Florida Gulf Coast University’s College of Health Professions and Social Work. From formal technology education programs, to workshops and symposia for physicians and allied health care professionals, we aim to spread awareness and better understanding of precision genomic medicine throughout the medical communities.



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